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cosmetology & dermatology

About Burjeel Medical Centre at Makani Mall, Al Shamkha

Burjeel Medical Centre at Makani Mall, Al Shamkha aims to provide quality healthcare services to the residents of Abu Dhabi. The Centre hosts a network of specialty clinics to cater to various healthcare needs of residents of Al Shamkha and its neighboring areas.

Department of Dermatology

The Department of Dermatology at Burjeel Medical Centre at Makani Mall, Al Shamkha provides world-class medical experts who help our guests enhance their beauty along with offering solutions to a wide variety of skin and hair related issues. With state-of-the-art equipment and Burjeel's signature 'art of healing', we have got you fully covered.

The department Offers:

Aesthetic services

  • Laser Hair Removal services for the whole body
  • Acne /pimples removal
  • Pigmentation
  • Removal of under Eye Dark-Circles
  • Glow treatments
  • Chemical peels for acne, glow, scar and dark spots
  • Treatment of vitiligo and skin tags
  • Cryo Therapy
  • Cyst and skin lesion removal
  • Dark circle removal
  • Radiofrequency and cautery
  • Hair analysis
  • Solutions for hair fall, hair loss, dandruff, male pattern baldness
  • Melasma and Uneven skin tone treatment
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