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family medicine

At Burjeel Medical Center, Al Shamkha, we provide you with the full-scope of medical care and treatment for the entire family. Our Family Practice Physicians can provide you with a unique primary care service – they can see and treat every member of your family, creating opportunities to develop personal and lasting relationships for the entire family unit. The team has the advantage of working with a group of top-notch specialists at Burjeel Medical Center, Al Shamkha, and can coordinate specialized care to ensure better continuity and quality.

Our key services include:
  • Common acute health condition.
  • Chronic health disease (ex. diabetes/hypertension/bronchial asthma).
  • Counselling regards psychiatric condition/family stress/family relationship.
  • Health education regarding common health problem (ex. obesity/vitamin deficiency).
  • Screening for common health condition/regular check-up for the family.


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